There are two ways you can receive Personal Fitness Training from Mike.

The first option is to visit Mike at his training facility for a One-On-One, 3 Hour, Private Personal Total Fitness Training Session.
We consider this your best option for optimum fitness training with Mike. This special session includes your personalized program of NUTRITION / CARDIO / MUSCLE TONING / SWIMSUIT MODELING & POSING TECHNIQUE (if applicable). It also includes two months of follow-up correspondence training through e-mail and telephone calls. You can schedule a morning or afternoon session with Mike. The great thing about this program is that you only have to make the trip, to Mike's training studio, one time to learn your entire program! Mike will design a program that fits your individual need. Whether you are training for a competition, photo session, cheerleader or dance tryout, getting in shape for your honeymoon or, getting back in shape from having a baby, etc. Mike can put together the program that best meets your needs.

The second option that we offer is: Correspondence Fitness Training.
In order to do this you would need to provide Mike with three pictures of yourself in a swimsuit, wearing heels if possible. You will need to provide a front, back, and side view, You will also need to record your height, weight, and your body measurements, (calves, upper thighs, hips, waist, bust, shoulders and arms in the center of the biceps). Mike will take the information that you provide and design a fitness training program for you. Mike will keep up with your progress and questions through e-mail, postal mail, and telephone.

If one of these options sounds like something you would be interested in knowing more about, please contact us on the Internet at or call us at (704) 573-0414 P.O. Box 690762 Mint Hill, North Carolina 28227-7013

Our training facility is located 18 miles Southwest of Charlotte, NC in the town of Stanley. Contact Mike and his wife Barbara soon, and allow them to assist you in meeting your fitness training needs.



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