Mike, thank you for all of your help and support. You taught me the meaning of dedication and determination. Your communication is unequaled and I appreciate you're constant thoughts and support. Thank you so much!

Eden Barrington
Miss Anchorage 2011

Mike, I am just ecstatic at the results. You really are just amazing! We make a wonderful team!!! For the first time I am happy with the way my body looks and for that I have u to thank! Thank you so much for giving me the tools and encouragement to achieve a winning body, more confidence, and a winning outlook.

Amanda Barnes
Miss North Carolina Motor Speedway 2011

Over a two year period I have worked with Mike Mauney and seen a transformation in my body. Thanks to his training, I was able to not only win swimsuit awards 2 year in a row, but also the title of Miss Hawaii 2010. I am convinced that Mike understands how to form a body into what is needed for stage. His workouts are convenient and require hard work and determination, but pay off in the end. I live across the country, but he has always pushed me to challenge myself and continue improving. I was able to visit his gym in North Carolina to work one-on-one with him, and that helped my workout routine improve even more. Mike Mauney is truly the top fitness trainer for pageants. Mike, thank you so much for all of your guidance and support. I know I couldn't have done it without your help! Mike, you really are the best! Thanks a million! Mahalo,

Jalee Fuselier
Miss Hawaii 2010

Mike was an incredibly helpful asset in my preparation process for the Miss Mississippi pageant. He designed a workout especially for me, targeting hard to sculpt areas. I felt great by the time the pageant rolled around, since I had been training hard for over two months. I cannot say thank you enough to Mike who is both a motivator and an encourager. Thank you for making my experience a positive one!

Caitlyn Smith
3rd Runner-up Miss Mississippi Pageant 2010

Mike, thank you sooo much for all you have done for me. My arms and legs looks awesome! It is simply amazing to me to see the difference in my body from the first picture you took til now. Thank you so much for the Mike Mauney Marvelous Mix. It is Magnificent! What a big transformation I had! I must say I have not looked this good in probably 35 years! YAY! You got me started on this journey and I never want to look back! Once again many thanks! Many blessings Mike,

Dr. Shelia Hughes
Mrs. California U.S. Pageant 2010

Mike, I won my local title last night with your awesome workout plan! Thanks!

Laura Holliman
Miss Los Angeles County 2010

Mike, I cant say thank you enough for everything

Erica Mobley
Miss Hartsville 2010

My incredible fitness sponsor- Body Design By Mike *Mike Mauney* has transformed my body head to toe... I was thin before but now I feel FIT and TONE! Which is a really big difference for me! I feel strong and putting on a swimsuit makes me feel confident and I am proud of the hard work I have put into it! Mike is THE BEST!

Libby Thomas
Mrs. California United States 2010

Michael, I wanted to let you know your guidance was invaluable! My level of fitness is better than ever. In fact, when I was Miss Metropolitan 1992, the team that prepared me for Miss MN America are now amazed by the results of your training program. Thank you for helping me feel my best in swimsuit. Thank you again!

Sarah Brazey
Mrs. North Dakota United States 2010
3rd Runner-up Mrs. United States Pageant 2010

Mike, Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the swimsuit part of the Miss Mississippi Pageant. This is the first time my body has EVER looked this good. I will continue to workout hard and eat healthy!! Again, thanks for everything!!!!

God Bless,
Coriss Watson
Miss Mississippi Pageant 2010

What an amazing experience! Working with Mike allowed me to achieve incredible results in just a few months that I had tried unsuccessfully for years to accomplish on my own. He is a true master of fitness, and his approach to "motivate, not intimidate" created such a positive experience! Mike is a tremendous trainer and person. He was with me every step of the way during my training and his plan not only gave me my confidence back, it also got me in the best shape of my life! Thank you, Mike, for your advice, experience and friendship! Thank you again for EVERYTHING. I am forever changed for the better because of working with you!

Susie Stancil
1st Runner-up
Mrs. N.C. America Pageant 2010

Mike, thank you for all of your help. You truly guided me to being in the best physical shape of my life. You're the best!

Brittany Crews
Miss North Carolina America Pageant 2010

"I have always struggled with keeping my body weight down in between pageants. I go crazy trying to get to my competition weight. In the first month of working with Mike I could not believe the difference!! I then lost 2 weeks due to surgery but Mike was able to guide me through the rough times. With Mike's exercise regimen, nutrition plan, and support I was able to get down to my competition weight in only 7 weeks (this normally took me 3 months or more)!! I recommend him to anyone looking for that extra edge!! He truly cares about each and everyone of his clients. Not only does he want you to look your best but he wants you to feel your best as well! Mike gave me the "perfect" body for America's Perfect Teen and I can not thank him enough. Mike will forever be my "perfect" pageant trainer!"

Chrissy Oakes
2009 New York's Perfect Teen
Top 15 - America's Perfect Teen

"Mr. Mike, Thank you so much for all of your help and such an amazing fitness and nutrition plan! It was such a pleasure to meet you and work with you! The fun trip up from Georgia to North Carolina was definitely worth it! You are such an angel and all of your kind words, help, posing techniques, advice, support, encouragement meant so much to me while I was training! I had about a month from the time I met with you to get ready and the results were great! I had an amazing and wonderful trainer to help thank for that!! It has been such a pleasure to have met you and have you as a trainer. I plan on continuing on with the fitness routine! Thank you so so so much! I am blessed to call you not only my fitness trainer but also my new friend! Many wonderful blessings your way! Thank you again for everything!"

Danielle Schmidt
Miss Georgia International 2009
Top Ten Miss international Pageant 2009

"I first met Mike January 2009...might I add that I live in Iowa and flew out in a blizzard and 30 below temperatures to get to North Carolina. Needless to say the weather in NC was a welcome relief. Although I have always been athletic, competing in triathlons and such I knew that I really needed to do more toning and sculpting prior to the national pageant that would be in July 2009. From the start Mike was able to target the areas I needed work on and give me a specific plan to follow that would fix those stubborn areas. Being 37 and having 3 children we all know where those areas are! I followed his plan and over the next 6 months was amazed to see the transformation in my figure. I lost a total of 18 3/8 inches, exceeding my own goals! My fitness scores in the Mrs. International pageant were proof that the work had paid off....scored all "9's". Thank you Mike for all of your advice and support, obviously you were right on!!!"

Val Whitehead
Mrs. Iowa International 2009

Mike, thanks to you I ended up winning Lifestyle & Fitness in my group and I was among the top ten that had the opportunity to compete in the finale! All that time in the gym paid off! Thank you again for all you help; working with you was a wonderful experience that I will forever treasure---and, no worries, I am continuing to follow my fitness routine--I don't see how I could live without doing it now?! Thanks again!

Mallory Honeycutt
Miss Cabarrus County 2009
Swimsuit Winner & Top Ten Miss North Carolina Pageant 2009

"Training with Mike Mauney gave me a workout plan that prepared me for the Miss Hawaii competition. He gave me reachable goals to have the body that I wanted, and to achieve this in the comfort of my own home. His motivation and requirement of weekly and monthly updates challenged me to work hard for results and it paid off! Thanks to Mike's training I was able to win the Swimsuit competition at Miss Hawaii and first runner up! Now I have the tools to continue in my own personal workout and a healthy lifestyle for the future". Mike,Your the best trainer I could ask for!

Jalee Kate
Miss Diamond Head
Swimsuit Winner & 1st Runner-up Miss Hawaii Pageant 2009

"Long distance fitness training with Mike worked very well for me! After a phone call consultation and sending pictures, Mike sent me my personalized workout plan and kept me on track and motivated through e-mails and phone calls. We tweaked my workout plan 4 weeks before my national pageant. I was in the best shape of my life for Miss Teen USA 2009! I felt proud and confident in my swimsuit standing next to the other 50 beautiful Teens on stage thanks to Mike’s workout plan!"

Brittany Guidry
Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2009
4th Runner-up Miss Teen USA Pageant 2009

Mike, Thanks for working with me and the awesome workout! I had fun coming to North Carolina. It was a great opportunity and I'll definitely encourage next years winner to come down and visit!

Lindsey Nelsen
Miss Pennsylvania USA 2009

"I saw Mike's ad in Pageantry Magazine and immediately booked his Three Hour Special Session Package. I traveled from Maryland to North Carolina to meet with Mike and he spent all morning assessing my physique, evaluating my swimsuit choices, teaching me the proper exercises and techniques and showing me how to pose for the swimsuit portion of my pageant competition. Mike spent a significant amount of time designing a work-out schedule and meal plan to accommodate my goals and my lifestyle. My results were absolutely amazing! Within 4 months, my body completely transformed down to a size 2!! Yes, it was hard work, but Mike encouraged my progress and gave me the confidence boost that I needed to get results. After 15 years of not competing, I placed 1st Runner Up in the 2009 Mrs. Maryland America Pageant and two weeks later was awarded the title of Mrs. Maryland!. For the first time in my life, I was actually excited about the swimsuit competition! Thanks for everything, Mike. I love my new body!!" Mike, thank you so much for all of your help and for your encouragement!!!

Carrie Glidden Yorkis
Mrs. Maryland America Pageant 2009

Mike, Thank you for working with me before and after my win! Your knowledge of what works best for each individual is unmatched! Thank you for teaching me about "Pyramiding". In all my years of fitness training this one is new to me and by far is the most effective! Ultimately after a "Crown of Righteousness"

Rachel Lee Carter
Mrs. North Carolina United States 2009
Top Ten "Mrs. United States Pageant 2009"

Mike, thank you so much for the amazing training package you put together just for me! After reading all the success stories from former clients of yours, I knew you were the right person for the job. Traveling down from Virginia to work with you was one of the best decisions I have made in regards to getting my body in shape. And thanks to you, our hard work paid off! I won the Swimsuit Award at Miss Arlington and at Miss Chesterfield where I also took home the overall title! Thank you so much for making a plan that was just right for me and my busy schedule. You were so accommodating with my schedule and needs and I cannot thank you enough! I am now headed to Miss Virginia where I hope to make us both proud! Thanks again for all your help and helping me get my body into the best shape it's ever been! God Bless!

Stephanie Connelly
Miss Chesterfield 2009

Mike, thank you ever so much for the training package you designed for my journey to Miss USA. I feel so well prepared knowing that I have a routine designed just for me that will mold me into my personal best. I really enjoyed meeting with you when I drove in from New Jersey. Your explanation of proper technique was extremely thorough and has made my workout more efficient. Finally, thank you for being such a pleasure to be around! Many trainers can seem like drill sergeants, but I enjoyed our session and felt comfortable expressing my concerns. You're a 10!

Kaity Bettina Rodriguez
Miss New Jersey USA 2009

Mike, thank you so much for your training and coaching. I learned valuable information about modeling and training that helped me at nationals. Your training served me well out there in Tucson. Thanks for taking the time to be so helpful and nice.
Thanks for all of your help!

Maureen MacDonald
Mrs. America 2009
Mrs. North Carolina 2008

I have been competing in pageants for 18 years and I never even dreamed that I could win the swimsuit award since it was always my weakest event. After traveling to North Carolina to train with Mike I began to see results that I had never seen before! He really understood that my body composition was different from most women and that I needed a very individualized plan. I took his advice and training program and followed it for four months and then competed for the title of Mrs. Michigan United States. Not only did I win the competition, but I also won the SWIMSUIT award! Something that seemed unattainable for so long was now an exciting reality! It was amazing, exciting, and a thrill that I never thought I would experience after I turned forty, had three children and three C-sections!!! -- Thank you Mike!

Heidi Scheer
Mrs. Michigan United States 2008
& Swimsuit Winner

Mike, I want to thank you for everything! You have helped me so much. I have learned so much about nutrition, physical fitness and myself. I have enjoyed everyone of our visits. I have become more confident and I really fill great about myself! Thank you Mike you are the best!

Jamie Hill
Miss South Carolina USA 2008
Top 15 Miss USA Pageant 2008

Mike Mauney, Thank you for helping me make my body "Miss USA Ready"!

Lauren Merola
Miss Pennsylvania USA 2008
4th Runner-up Miss USA Pageant 2008
(former Miami Dolphin NFL Cheerleader)

Working with Mike was a great experience. Not only did he teach me everything I needed to know when I flew in from New Jersey to North Carolina, but he was always available for any questions throughout my training period. I definitely owe a lot of my fitness success to Mike Mauney! You were always just a phone call away.. Thank you so much!

Tiffany Andrade
Miss New Jersey USA 2008
2nd Runner-up Miss USA Pageant 2008

Mike, Thank you so much for all of your help. I am so excited to work with you. Miss USA here we come!

Michelle Berthelot
Miss Louisiana USA 2008

Mike, Thank you for helping me prepare for Miss Teen USA. Since first working with you I have constantly seen changes in my body. Thanks for all your help!

Elliot Griffin
Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2008
Top 15 Miss Teen USA Pageant 2008

Mike, Thanks for helping me get "Fit To Win", but more importantly, "Fit For Life"!

Kendria Perry
Miss Pennsylvania 2008

Mike, I just wanted to tell you thank you very much for everything you have done for me. You have taught me so much and I really appreciate it! I have been working hard these last weeks and i cant wait till after the pageant so I can pig out.

Emily Huitt
Miss SC Teen USA Pageant 08

Mike, words can not describe my gratitude for your program results. I never dreamed of such possible weight lose and being this tone. Within 2 weeks I saw muscles that I didn't even no existed. My new found confidence is better than any crown I could ever win! I wasn't sure how "long distance" training would work or if I could be motivated. I felt like you were standing over me at the gym. Your e-mail correspondence was like having you in my own home. In additional to the training your wardrobe help was undeniable the BEST I have ever received. I'm a client for life!

Shawna Goins
Mrs. Capitol City UA 2008
NC State Director - NC Beauties

Mike! WOW! Thank you so much for your time, enthusiasm, and everything else you have done to put this program together. I love the program. Oh! I very much enjoyed the "Swimsuit Posing Techniques." You really had some great advice and tips that will come in handy in the national pageant! You have been so amazing to work with. You have been so patient and a blessing.

Callie Bishop
Miss Wyoming Teen USA 2008

Mike, thank you so much for your honesty and positive attitude. You are a pageant master!

Wendi Russo
Host "ShopNBC"

MR. MIKE!!!!!! First off I want to thank you soooo much for help. I can't even begin to explain my gratitude towards you... I never thought I could continue to work this hard. Your an angel and thank you for taking me the last minute that week. I had sooo much fun, your hilarious, and everything you taught me I will always carry with me!!! And walking- where can I begin.. I honestly feel soooo much more comfortable and confident and it's scary. Thank you so much!! Your awesome! God Bless

Andrea Carey
Miss GA Teen USA Pageant 2008

Mike, I had a baby last year and used your old training packet to get back in shape for the American Dream Pageant. I lost 71 pounds and won best overall fitness! Thank you!

Tammy Caison
Ms. American Dream / Fitness Winner 2008

Mike, I competed for Miss Massachusetts USA 2008 last weekend and placed 3rd runner-up out of 60 women! I was thrilled with this placement! I couldn’t have done it without you. I felt fantastic and my self-confidence was beaming from the moment I stepped foot on stage. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my body. I can’t wait to compete next year to work with you again! Thank you again! You’re the best!

Jessica Cookson
3rd Runner-up Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant 2008

Mike, I'd say all of that preperation paid off! Thank you for helping me.

Anna Perry
Miss South Carolina 2008

Mike, I have no doubt in my mind that my fitness is what made my success. I never thought I would love my swimsuit figure…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Tavisty Tarkenton
1st Runner-up Miss Fort Worth Pageant 2008
Top 15 Miss Teen USA Pageant 2008

Mike, You are FANTASTIC! I could have never won swimsuit without all of your help! Thank you so much!

Mariette Burke
Mrs. North Carolina America 2008
& Swimsuit Winner!

Mike, thanks for being a great trainer and friend!

Jessica Jacobs
Miss North Carolina 2007
4th Runner-up Miss America Pageant

Mike, I want to thank you a million times over for the support and encouragement that you gave to me - you truly are a wonderful man and trainer! Your program was easy to follow and the fact that you made it so comfortable for me to contact you when I became discouraged meant the world to me. You really helped make this possible and for my dream to come true.

Deanna Bebeau
Mrs. United America 2007

Mike, thank you so much for your support and being my trainer. Thanks to you I have the swimsuit figure I wanted for the Mrs. America Pageant!

Erin Claycamp
Mrs. Kansas America 2007

I have had the privilege to train under the direction of Mike Mauney for both the MISS USA 2007 competition and the MISS TEEN USA 2001 pageant. The faces of pageantry who have trained here before us provide motivation from every wall in Mike's eclectic gym steeped in pageant inspiration, beauty, and fitness. Mike not only gave professional reinforcement, but he became my trusted friend. Thank you so much for all of the great help and info Mike! I don't know what I would do without you!!

Erin O'Kelley
Miss North Carolina USA 2007
Top 15 Miss USA Pageant 2007

Mr. Mike, thanks for all of your help in preparing me for Miss USA! I had never really known how to work out (or how to make it fun!!) until working with you. I'm still using your technique and it's going GREAT! You're the best!

Ashley Zais
Miss SC USA 2007
Top 15 Miss USA Pageant 2007

WOW! mike you are awesome! no way would I have won without you! I could not and would not have done it without your help. Thanks again, your the best!

Elisabeth Baldanza
Miss New York 2007

Mike, let me just tell you that it is amazing what is happening to my body, I'm so happy God sent me in your direction.
Thanks, love ya lots!

Crystal Garrett
Miss South Carolina 2007
Top 16 Miss America Pageant

Mike, you are the best trainer anyone could have! Thanks for being a hugh part of my success! All I can say is WOW!!... 100 lbs. ago I wouldn't have imagined I'd look this good! Thanks for your vision and your training expertise. Your more than Awesome!!

Stephanie Hunt
Mrs. United States 2007

Driving 8 hours to work with Mike was the best decision I made for my pageant preparation. I honestly didn’t think I had enough time to make considerable changes in my body. After our meeting, I was motivated and knew I had been given the tools to make great improvements. Knowing that Mike was just an email away for encouragement helped me tremendously. Not only did my body look the best it ever had, I won a swimsuit preliminary at the state pageant. Thanks again for everything Mike! You rock!

Heather Molnar
Top Ten & Swimsuit Winner
Miss Maryland Pageant 2007

Mike, THANK YOU so very much for being such a positive motivator - even if it is from "afar". YOU have made the difference in what I am doing to stay physically fit and healthy...I am motivated and thank YOU...the BEST Fitness Trainer out there!!!

Ginny Meerman
Mrs. Virgin Islands United States 2007
"Top 10" Mrs. United States Pageant 2007

Mike has been my personal trainer since I was 17 years old! You all know that I am no spring chicken...so that's MANY years!

Mike has never failed me when it comes to motivation or honesty! When I competed at Mrs. United States I was ready for swimsuit competition because of the sessions with Mike, however, a very important component was the fact that he made sure I was not only physically ready but also "mentally" ready for swimsuit competition. That may seem a little strange to say, but it is very true! If you don't believe in yourself and your image, it doesn't matter what your measurements, body fat % or the scales say!!! He had me believing I could & would win...and I did!

Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are areas that we should focus on everyday, not just in preparation for a pageant or special event! Mike has taken the time to customize my workout routines that give me flexibility as I travel and he knows that heavy weights (more than 10 pounds) I cannot work with based on an injury years ago. With that being said, I always have the right amount of lean muscle! He can work magic, if you are willing to listen!

I will always LIVE by the technique he have taught me and the importance of being fit and looking HOT for life!!! I love the results that I continue to see and each and every day I am amazed that I can stay so fit by following his routines that are FUN, results-oriented and flexible! I am always on the go; as a National title holder I was always traveling, as a manager for a major Biotech company....again, always traveling....so Mike has made me FIT for the rest of my life!!!!

Shannon Devine
Mrs. United States 2006

Mike, It was such a pleasure working with you. You have taught me so much. With out your training I don't think that I would have made it to the top. Your encouraging words always filled me with purpose

Liz MuNulty
Miss Louisiana USA 2007

Hi Mike – I can’t gush enough about how much we enjoyed meeting and being with you yesterday! All I hear from Liz is “Mr. Mike this” and “Mr. Mike that”. She is so excited! And (the best part) is that I can see that she is really starting to think that she can win!! Liz loves working with you.

Jeanie McNulty, mother of Liz MuNulty "Miss Louisiana USA 2007"

Mike, thank you so much for all you have done for me. I took everything you gave me and worked really hard for the state competition. You have taught me so much and I plan on continuing my training for Miss USA so that I can be the best that I can be. Thank you soo much again!

Jami Stallings
Miss Indiana USA 2007

Mike, You gave me the best advice to get in shape! I got so many compliments on my body and I told everyone how awesome you are!!! Thanks again for getting me in the shape. To everyone said that my body was awesome, and I just said Mike! God Bless!

Reid McLeod
Miss Hawaiian Tropic "Bikini Wahine 2006"

I wanted to thank you for what you helped me with during this year. Having a woman feel "comfortable" in a swim suit is a hard thing to accomplish. I had so many compliments on my swim suit body, it was unbelievable! I did your exercises for all of the months leading up to the pageant, throughout the 3 weeks at the pageant, and I still do them all the time. Now I have confidence! I could never thank you enough!!!

Jessica Boyington
Miss New Jersey USA 2006

Mike, thank you so much for all of your expertise, encouragement, support, and enthusiasm in helping me prepare for the Miss Mississippi Pageant. I truly had such a wonderful time meeting with you. Your modeling instructions and fitness training were truly a blessing. The diet and workout plan are and will be a way of life for me. I have always enjoyed my workout routines, but now I am able to enjoy true results!

In Christ
Amanda-Paige Whittington
3rd Runner-up & Swimsuit Winner
Miss Mississippi Pageant 2006

Mike, the greatest trainer ever! Thank you so much for helping me sculpt my body to it's fullest potential. Your encouraging words really kept me motivated and I could not have lost my weight and toned without your expertise. You made me feel so comfortable and you never judged me! You're a wonderful man and an AWESOME trainer! Thank you for giving me back my confidence!

Katie "70 lbs lighter!" Godfrey

I drove from Jackson, MS to Stanley, NC on two occasions to work with Mike. It was definitely worth the drive! (Of course, my mother and I love any excuse to stop over in Atlanta to shop.) However, visiting with Mike one-on-one was crucial to my success in body sculpting. Mike completely changed my body and for once I was actually in proportion. I would not have had the confidence to become Miss Mississippi had it not been for Mike's encouragement and expertise. Since the drive is difficult for me to make even in a weekend, Mike worked so well with me over the phone and Internet. Even though I was not as efficient e-mailing pictures as I needed to be, his patience and tenacity allowed me to still succeed. Each year at Miss Mississippi at least one of Mike's girls takes away a swimsuit preliminary. Hopefully I was in a close 2nd or 3rd (maybe, maybe not) but regardless, I was able to walk across the stage with confidence knowing that I worked my body to its best shape ever! I will make the drive again to prepare for Miss America. It is great to work with Mike because he cares just as much about the individual girl as he does sculpting her body. He is a great trainer and friend. Throughout this four year process I have met a lot of people, but Mike tops the list as a generous, caring, and motivating coach. My advice for anyone wanting to work with Mike is that although he is great to work with girls long distance, nothing can make up for the first one-on-one meeting with him. You will leave "pumped up" both physically and mentally! Thanks again Mike for all you have done for me!

Taryn Foshee
Miss Mississippi 2006
2nd Runner-up Miss America Pageant

Mike, thank you for all you have done for me. I really appreciate the time and effort you have given me. You have taught me how to eat healthy and get back into exercising. I feel really good. You have a genuine gift.

Mikkie Singleton
Mrs. Texas America Pageant 2006

Mike, I wanted to let you know that I thank you for all of your help. You are amazing and I feel so blessed to work with you. There are so many other trainers that I have worked with (because of free sponsoring prizes) and you should know you are the BEST!

Dottie Cannon
Miss Minnesota USA 2006

I'm loving my workout routine and it is working great! Thanks for being my favorite fitness trainer! You're the best!

Sara Waldman
Miss Conyers Cherry Blossom 2006

I'm seeing drastic changes and this is only the beginning of week 4 for me! I cannot believe this, but I've dropped 10 lbs since I first came to visit. And I don't ever remember weighing this since middle school. As far as the fitness training, I am very pleased and satisfied with my results. I am so proud of my accomplishments! You really rock Mike! Thanks for everything Mike! You've been great!

Sharnnia Artis
Top 10 Miss VA USA Pageant 06

Mike, it was such a pleasure to meet you! I could not stop smiling after I left your studio yesterday, I felt exhilarated and very truly happy about our session! Thank you so much for being so wonderful about everything!

Tracy Le Gaspi
Baltimore, Maryland

I really like the way I look. I can really see the results. Thanks for all your help. My body is looking great & I feel great! thanks for all your help…..I don’t know where I would be without you right now. You have helped me so much throughout this whole process. I can’t think you enough, especially through the difficult times with the hurricanes. I made top 15!! I was so excited. I am definitely going to do it again next year. I felt so good in my swimsuit. Thank you so much for everything you did for me. Without your help I would not have been so confident on stage.

Hilary Hubert
Top 15 Miss Louisiana USA Pageant 2006

I have, however, been following the diet for three weeks and have already lost 11 pounds! I'm amazed because the weight has really come off quite easily, and I don't feel too hungry or deprived of anything, which is nice. Even though I've only been working out for two weeks, I already see a noticeable difference, particularly in my arms and abs.

Carole Karnofski
Ilwaco, Washington

Mike, I just wanted to tell you that Kari looked great at Miss Louisiana USA! She couldn't have done anything different her pose, walk, and body was the best she had ever been. Thank you for the training and encouragement you gave Kari. She was awesome in Swimsuit and Evening Gown!.

Karen Newell mother of Kari Miller "Miss Louisiana USA Pageant 2006"

Mike, I won fitness which was awesome! I also ended up winning the whole pageant. So now I am Miss Teen American Queen 2005! Thanks for all the advice and help you have given me!

Liz Huges
Miss Teen American Queen 2005 & Fitness Winner

Mike, I had an awesome time!! I feel great about everything, I am sooo excited! I can even see muscles and my body changing!! COOL!! I am so excited, my abs look so much better.

Sable Butler
Miss Teen NY United States 2005
Miss Teen PA United States 2004 - (4th Runner-up Miss Teen United States 2005)
Miss Christian International 2004

Mike, you are awesome to work with and I thank you for everything!  I love working with you.  Thank you so much for your wonderful support.  Not only have I gained a wonderful trainer but I've gained an even better friend.  Your are one of my favorite people. 
Chelsea Cooley
Miss USA 2005

 Mike the miracle worker!  Your are amazing!  Thank you for all of your help.  Because of you I am now a stronger person!
Megan Matlock
Miss Texas 2005

 I never thought I would be excited about working out until I met Mike.  We immediately shared a bond that I will forever cherish.  Thank you for making me feel like I could be the next Miss America!
Brooke McLaurin
Miss North Carolina 2005


 Mike, you are a awesome guy and sure know your stuff!  I love everything about your workouts and nutrition.  Thank you so much and my body looked great at Miss Teen USA!
Victoria Ratliff
Miss Florida Teen USA 2005


 Mike, what a great trip!  Stephanie & I are so very happy we made the effort.  You are wonderful!!!!  What energy!
Carolina and Stephanie Flores
Mother / Daughter Team
San Antonia, Texas

 Mike!  I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to work with you.  You're such an amazing person.  You did wonders with my body.  I love it!
Sarah Withers
Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2005

 Mike,  again I just wanted to thank you for everything. You made me feel nothing but welcome the moment I stepped through the door. You were so much fun to work with. I had a blast. The session went by very quickly. I think it's because of how great a time I had.  You're an incredibly nice person, and I am glad I have the privilege of working with you.  My director was very pleased and impressed with my walking and figure.  I want to thank you so much for everything. Without you I don't believe I would feel as self-confident as I have been feeling.  Thank you so much for all of your help! I had a blast at nationals. 
Jennifer Brooks
Miss Connecticut Teen USA 2005

I'm almost speechless!  I never fully believed that I would achieve a level of fitness that would result in feeling completely confident in fitness or swimwear portions of pageant competition; then I trained with Mike!  His innovative techniques and individualized preparation are unbeatable.  I enjoyed the challenges, because we worked so well together.  I look forward to continuing our training so that my expectations may be exceeded once again.  Thank you Mike, so much for your energetic and sincere support! 

Niki Wartenburg
Mrs. South Carolina International 2005
Top Ten Mrs. International Pageant 2005

I have NEVER been so confident on stage in swimsuit as I was for this pageant. Thank you Mike for all you have done to help me get there. You are truly a great trainer and terrific person.  Your Friend,
Lisa Chouest
National Mrs. Louisiana 2005

Mike, I have enjoyed our workouts and thank you for helping me win Miss North Carolina and swimsuit!
Kirstin Elrod
2nd Runner-up Miss America Pageant 2004
Miss North Carolina / Swimsuit Winner 2004 


Mike, I have enjoyed our workouts and thank you for helping me win Miss North Carolina and swimsuit!
Kirstin Elrod
2nd Runner-up Miss America Pageant 2004
Miss North Carolina / Swimsuit Winner 2004 

Mike's workouts are genius!  Scrawny arms no longerrrrrr!!!....They're Actually cut!  I never realized how important it was to have definition in my arms and my hips are much more firm too!!!  I am really excited!  Thanks Mike!
Shelley Hennig
Miss Teen USA 2004

Mike, I want to thank you so much for what you have taught me.  I feel so much better about eating the way you suggest in your plan and I also plan to continue exercising.  You've made a very positive difference in my life and I want to thank you!

Renne' Bernstein
Miss Arkansas Int'l 2004

Mike, with your help and expertise we made it to 1st runner-up at Miss USA!  Words can not even begin to thank you for all of the self esteem, fun and support you have given me!  For the first time I love my body!  Thank you for my pep talks, confidence boost, and for the great workouts!  You have helped me totally change my body for the best and I can't thank you enough!   You are my favorite fitness trainer!!!  You are the best and I love working with you!  Than you for everything!
Amanda Pennekamp
Miss South Carolina USA 2004
1st Runner-up Miss USA Pageant 2004

Mike, you are the best!  Thank you for helping me win nationals!
Sarah Burnside
Miss Teen United States 2004

Thank you Mike for getting me ready not only for Miss USA but also Military camp. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life!
Alli Paganetti
Miss Rhode Island USA 2005

I traveled from Illinois to work with Mike and it was the best decision I ever made.  Mike was so hospitable, and treated me like a queen from the moment we met.  Mike designed a program that was specifically for me and gave me so many other helpful tips to help me prepare for my upcoming pageant.  Mike saw the potential in me to achieve the body I have always wanted and by the time I left I began to see just how to achieve it too.  Too many times women put their physical fitness in jeopardy by following unhealthy diets and unsafe exercise in order to get fit for a pageant, Mike showed me how I can achieve my dream body safely and how this exercise program will become a part of my new lifestyle.  I am excited each day to work out.  After just a few sessions I began to see visible results.  I wish I had come to Mike when I first learned about him instead of waiting almost two years later.  I highly recommend Mike Mauney to be a part of anyone’s fitness goals and most definitely for all those preparing for a pageant.  The three-hour session I had with Mike exceeded all my expectations.  Thanks Mike for being so wonderful and for making me feel so special!!!

Randa Basden
National Mrs. Illinois 2005

Working with Mike has been life-changing!  I have worked with many personal trainers in the past at gyms but none were able to fully understand how to prepare for a pageant.  Mike's experience and expertise with toning the body to look stunning on stage, far exceeds all others.  I went to Mike after winning the state title to prepare for Nationals.  I was so impressed with how quickly I saw results.  Mike not only helped me tone my body, but also developed a nutritional plan tailored to me, and gave me helpful hints on my posing and stance for stage.   I returned to Mike after becoming Mrs. International and he once again amazed me!  He was able to develop a plan that was easy to follow and able to fit into my busy appearance schedule.  I was able to do the routine in my hotel room without the need of a gym.  I am forever grateful to Mike for helping me achieve the level of success I have.  He is my trainer, mentor and friend.
Tammy McDonald
Mrs. International 2004
(and mother of 3 girls!)

I had so much fun coming out from Oregon to work with Mike.  I learned so much and look better than ever!  Thank you Mike!
Kari Virding
2nd Runner-up Miss Oregon Pageant 2004
Miss Oregon Teen USA 2002

"I always thought i would be fine on my own working out and preparing to compete in pageants.  I danced, lifted, and played sports all my life.  Thanks to you, Mike, i now know so much more.  Strengthening my center, a cardio workout, and lifting low weight-high rep are definitely the keys to looking my best.  I now know my limits and what i need to do to be at my best for my health and for competition.  Thanks so much!"
Kristin Szarell
2nd Runner-up Miss Pennsylvania Pageant 04
Top Five Miss Pennsylvania USA Pageant 05 

"Who has the time to work for a great body?!"  That's the question I was asking myself as I made the flight from Louisiana to North Carolina.  With two year old twin girls, a demanding schedule at home, and numerous responsibilities in my community, I wondered if the trip could ever be worth it.

It did not take me long to put such thoughts to rest!  Upon meeting Mike, I was instantly impressed with his expertise and contagious enthusiasm.  It was in the coming weeks, however, that he truly earned my respect.  His workouts quickly produced results and I began to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  My body began changing into a firmer, more healthy me.  I loved it!  And the best part was that Mike was with me every step of the way.  He continually fielded questions about nutrition and technique, and even tailored my workouts so that my schedule could mesh with my fitness plan.  I have no doubt that his body design plan for me was instrumental in helping me capture the Swimsuit Award in my preliminary and state competitions on the journey to Mrs. Louisiana America 2004. 

Now I realize that ANYONE who has the desire for a great body can make it a reality, if they make it a priority.  I made it a priority by visiting Mike and developing a concise plan that made the most of my precious time.  He trained me, motivated me, educated me, and encouraged me to be the best that I could be.  I am grateful for his gift.

Michelle Mudd
Mrs. Louisiana America 2004

"Mike's experience, energy, enthusiasm, and expertise made my journey from Pennsylvania to train with Mike worth it! I opted for the one-time, three hour session. This was perfect for me, because I was able to utilize the technology of the internet to send weekly updates and photos to Mike for feedback. His comments were always very prompt and positive. Through his help and motivation, I toned and transformed my body, allowing me to win the preliminary swimsuit award and the title of Miss Pennsylvania 2004!"

Victoria Bechtold
Miss Pennsylvania 2004

Mike Mauney is the absolute best!!! Honestly, I thought I would never have legs and hips like he suggested, but with his lower body workout and aerobic training, I now have the best shape ever. I am so happy and excited about how toned and thin my thighs and hips are. These were my problem areas, and he helped me get results I only dreamed about. Thank you so much Mike for making me work so hard. It was worth it. And by the way, I am still doing my exercises!!! All the way from Louisiana, Lacey Fletcher.

Lacey Fletcher
4th Runner-up Miss Louisiana Pageant 2004

Mike, thank you sooo much for your help during my prep for the Miss USA Pageant! Your workouts rock!

Susie Castillo
Miss USA 2003

I traveled from Mississippi to seek training from Mike before I competed in the Miss Mississippi 2004
pageant. I had truly remarkable results and I am still in the best shape that I have ever been. Because of Mike's help, I won a swimsuit preliminary (another contestant and I tied for the win). He is truly dedicated to helping women look their very best in this area of competition. He is the best fitness trainer I have ever had. Thanks Mike!!

Angela Allen
3rd Alternate to Miss Mississippi Pageant 2004

I can't begin to express my gratitude for what Mike Mauney has done for me. Making the trip from Long Island, New York to North Carolina was more than worth it! Mike made me feel right at home, and made sure to take the time to listen to my goals and needs; and explain what I had to do to achieve them. After many failed attempts, I have never found a trainer that was able to pin point how to get my body into proportion, and work my hips,legs and backside but Mike has done it! He is true to his word. He personalizes each session to individual, I left his studio feeling confident, and motivated. Mike Mauney is a great trainer, mentor and friend.

Courtney Clifford
Professional Model

After striving for years to get my body in better proportion and visiting other trainers who just seemed to make the problem areas worse, I found all of the answers when I visited Mike. As a medical student, I refused to participate in anything dangerous or ineffective, but following his program is a sure way to improve to a healthier quality of life. I have an extremely busy schedule, but he showed me how to make the most of my workouts with proper form that I never could piece together from magazine articles; a turn here and a twist there makes more difference than I could have imagined! I am in the best shape of my life and much more confident about every part of my upcoming competition. I am THRILLED with Mike's plan--my arms and legs have never looked so good (especially not this quickly)!

Jessica Sparks
"Top Ten"
Miss MIssissippi Pageant 2004

Mike, your fitness routine is the best step I made in preparing for Mrs. Virginia International 2003! Look what it got me-State Fitness Award Winner and Top Ten at Mrs. International, and not only that, but renewed confidence in myself! (And, you can print that!) Thanks for being an inspiration. Mike, you are the best!

Jacqueline Arnold
Mrs. Virginia International 2003
Top Ten "Mrs. International Pageant 2003"

Insert from Nancy Redd interview "The Roanoke Times" by Beth Jones:

When Nancy told her brother she was thinking about trying for Miss Virginia,  he remembers being flabbergasted. "You have a lot of work to do," he said. Older brother Sammy Redd Jr. explains with the honesty only a sibling could offer. "She was 160 pounds with zits and hadn't played the piano in five years." Nancy Redd was up to the challenge. That May, she met with Mike Mauney, a fitness trainer well-known in pageant circuits, who's based near Charlotte, N.C.

Mauney didn't blink an eye when Redd - who was actually carrying 167 pounds on her 5'5" frame - told him she was considering a run for Miss Virginia.

"Well, if that's what you want," he said, "that's what we'll do."

In a four-hour session, Mauney walked Redd through an exercise program specifically tailored for her. She combined his moves with a low-carbohydrate/high-protein diet. Eight months later, Redd had shed 50 pounds. "I'm the healthiest I've ever been," she said.

"Mike, one year and 50 pounds less from our first conversation and I feel great!  We did it!  Thanks for everything!" 

Nancy Redd
Miss Virginia 2003
Top 10 / Swimsuit Winner Miss America Pageant 2003

" I was really impressed with the fitness program Mike designed for me. No matter your size or experience, Mike will help you feel more comfortable and confident than ever! After my initial visit I felt that he was not just my trainer, but also my friend. Mike is an extremely talented man who has the beautiful gift of understanding women, their lifestyles, their needs and concerns. His fitness training really made a difference, especially in my backside and upper legs. Thanks to Mike I felt very comfortable and confident onstage in Las Vegas! " Way to go Mike!

Laura Kaminer
"Mrs. South Carolina United States 2003"

When I told everyone I traveled to North Carolina from New Jersey for a fitness consultation, they asked me, “Was it worth it?” I can answer honestly with a resounding “YES!” Mike not only welcomed me as a client, but also as a friend. He took the time to learn my goals, current level of fitness and discussed any health conditions (I had an old shoulder injury and costochondritis). He puts a new twist on traditional exercise and it allowed me to reach and maintain peak condition without aggravation to my condition or previous injury. The information he shared with me helped me prepare my mind and spirit as well as my body. Mike’s system is functional and easily implemented into anyone’s already busy schedule. His devotion, encouragement and expertise have provided me with a lifetime of invaluable information.

Thank you for helping me to be my best and giving me a plan to be fit for life. You are truly the best in your field and your valuable information and friendship is one that I will always treasure.

Geralyn “Geri” Watson
Mrs. New Jersey America 2003
3rd Runner-up – Mrs.America

I have to say in all honesty that my figure looked incredible at Mrs. America! My legs looked "Cut" - I could see muscle definition, and I got my stomach SO FLAT that it looked better than before before having two children! It was as flat as a pancake! Mike, thank you so much for all of your help. You are the best!

Donna Furgal
Mrs. New Hampshire 2003

"Mike Mauney has been a crucial element in my success to achieving a healthy body. He has taught me so much about my body and ways to improve it. I have Fibromyalgia and Mike was still able to develop a fitness routine that not only allowed me to lose weight and build a better body but did not irritate my condition. Mike took the time to demonstrate each exercise and explain what that exercise would do. He is an absolute joy to work with because he personalizes each session. He is an excellent motivator and his knowledge of the pageant industry is infinite. I have a belief and self confidence that I know will be shown when I stand in front of the judges at nationals. For any contestant who is looking to have Mike as their personal trainer they will become a winner. Thank you Mike for all that you have done for me. God blessed me the day I found you."

Jennifer Phillips
Mrs. North Carolina Globe 2003

Working with Mike Mauney is so wonderful. I traveled in from Sugar Land, Texas to train with Mike after learning he was a sponsor for the pageant I am competing in-Mrs. Texas America. He is such an inspiration to work with. He helped me with my swimsuit modeling-posture,walk and stance. He also helped me with exercises to enhance what I was already working on. And finally he is a great listener with great pageant feedback. It was all well worth it ladies!!!
Thanks so much Mike!

Melissa Seyer
Mrs. Sugar Land Texas America 2003

"Mike Mauney is the best! We sat down and discussed my goals for long-term results – not quickly fading artificial solutions. Mike provided comfortable, challenging and enjoyable fitness routines to keep me in shape forever! Thank you so much Mike for your support and wisdom as I prepare for Mrs. United States. I never thought I’d be a swimsuit winner after having surgery to heal the damage from rheumatoid arthritis. Anything is possible with a plan and someone to provide excellent direction. I chose to work with Mike because I knew I would be able to achieve the level of strength and endurance that I needed for this demanding role – LIFE! I consider Mike to be a fantastic competition swimsuit trainer and most importantly a friend. To all pageant contestants - the simple fact that you are reading this gives me strong reason to believe that you are choosing to make a change in your body, and ultimately your life. Don’t wait! Start building a better body with Mike today!"

Meredith Boyd
Swimsuit Winner & Professional Model
Mrs. Georgia United States 2003

"Working with Mike Mauney was amazing! I've worked with so many fitness trainers over the past few years, and he is by far my favorite! He
does a great job at personalizing all of the sessions to your needs, and goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure you're happy with the results. After working with Mike for only a short period of time after I won Miss NC USA, I really was in the best shape of my life!"
"Although Mike truly is the best trainer I've ever worked with, far more important is that he is a great friend. I will never forget all he has done for me from training and giving me guidance, to just being
a friend. Thanks Mike!"

Kristen Luneberg
Miss North Carolina USA 2003

I can not emphasize to all pageant contestants how vital physical training is to their preparations! I have been working out for a few years, but after I won Mrs. Virginia International 2002, I had the opportunity to train with Mike Mauney before competing for Mrs. International. I spent two to three hours with him, as he instructed me on the exact exercises that I needed to target my problem spots (that we all have). The exercises that Mike gave me, enabled me to perfect these areas, and compete with complete confidence of knowing that I had worked with the best...Mike! Mike took the time to demonstrate each exercise, so that I was able to take this knowledge home to complete my workout routine from home. I, like most women, do not have the time to spend hours in the gym! Mike incorporated for me a program of exercises while I was there, that worked great for me. I am truly thankful for having the opportunity to work with Mike, and I continue to receive valuable tips from him, that enable me to continue my routine, even with my schedule as Mrs. International. Thank you Mike for your dedication to make your clients their physical best! It worked for me!

Tonya Matney
Mrs. International 2002

Mike Mauney is my favorite fitness trainer. I started working with him before my first Mrs. Pageant in January 2003. The day that I began training with him I was not very confident with my physique. However, Mike made me feel like a million bucks even though I had a lot of room for improvement. When I started my training, I was in a size 7/8 and weighing in at 131 lbs. Within just 9 weeks, I had hit my goal that Mike set for me and I am now 116 lbs and wearing size 2’s. Being a teacher and a mother of a 3-year old toddler boy, I do not have a lot of spare time on my hands. Mike designed a program for me that I can do right at home. I tell everyone that I meet that Mike worked my butt off, literally! I will forever sing his praises. Thank you, Mike, for helping me achieve my fitness goals and giving me the confidence that I so desired. You are THE best fitness trainer and no one can persuade me differently.

Krysty Williams
Mrs. North Carolina American Renaissance 2003

I am a TV anchor and reporter and also a mother with three children.I've always exercised and worked out hard to try and stay in great shape…but, I had never competed in a pageant. I knew I needed some coaching in modeling and pageant techniques. Luckily for me - I found Mike Mauney -he's not just a great fitness trainer! Mike not only completely taught me but he perfected my modeling, posing, and on-stage presence techniques. This didn't just stand alone as instruction - it did much more… by working with such a knowledgeable and professional coach - my confidence became strong - a definite necessity for walking around in front of judges and an audience. The Results? I actually TIED with another lady who had been in many pageants for the title of Mrs. North Carolina. After the tie-breaker - I finished my very first pageant as 1st Runner Up! I was extremely excited and know I owe all of that to Mike Mauney.

Toni DeLancey
News Anchor / Reporter
1st Runner Up
Mrs. North Carolina United States Pageant 2003

Mike Mauney is the best! He offered me so much guidance and helped me prepare for Mrs. North Carolina as well as the Mrs. America National Competition. Mike is a terrific motivator! He makes you believe in yourself and give you the confidence you need to be on stage in the swimsuit competition. I highly recommend Mike Mauney!

Wendy Galle
Mrs. North Carolina America 2002

I highly recommend Mike Mauney. I have been involved in the fitness industry for all most 15 years, doing fitness competitions and soaking up every fitness tip I can, so I wondered if he could really share information that I wasn't already aware of. I called Mike to see if he could share dome insights before going to see him. Just within the first few minutes of our conversation he shared such valuable information that I know the trip from Massachusetts to North Carolina would really be beneficial to me! I had a kind of unusual situation in that I needed to break down muscle and streamline rather than build from all of my years of training. He showed me certain exercises and designed a fitness program that worked awesome! Do not hesitate to travel in to see him because he is so nice and approachable and from his extensive background he can modify to anyone's experience and needs. He is also there for your support and keeps in touch with you and always encourages you to share your progress through photos for his continued assistance. Mike can also help you with diet which is a huge part of the total fitness commitment to look your best, especially for an event like the state or national pageant. I have worked with several other trainers over the years and Mike Mauney definitely has experience in the pageant and Modeling industry!

Nancy Culliney
Mrs. Massachusetts America 2002

I had the privilege of working with Mike Mauney and I can only say that he is a miracle worker. I began working out prior to meeting Mike but didn't have the look that I wanted. I met Mike while training for the Mrs. United States Pageant and I can say to his credit that when the 53 state contestants posed for the group swimsuit photo, nearly every contestant complemented me on my physique. I was so proud to say that I worked with Mike Mauney and he was the reason I was in such great shape. I recommend him highly.
Thanks Mike, you're the best!"

April Kryst
Mrs. North Carolina US 2002

I have had many memorable experiences throughout my time as a pageant contestant. The most recent was when my family and I drove all the way from Rhode Island to North Carolina during February school vacation so I could meet and train with Mike Mauney. Mike's training techniques, dealing with exercise, dieting, walking, and "hitting the pose" produce the most outstanding results any girl could imagine. When you think you know all the pageant training secrets, Mike shows you something that you would never think of that can better yourself. When I left Mike, I had more self confidence than ever before. All my fears of the upcoming swimsuit competition in the Miss Teen USA 2002 pageant in August are now non-existent. Thanks Mike

Alysha Castonguay
Miss Rhode Island Teen USA 2002

Training with Mike Mauney is an experience that has forever changed my life. Not only is he the absolute BEST, but he is also like a second Dad. The first time I had talked to him on the phone I clicked with him right away, and I knew that this was the man that I wanted to work with. He makes exercising fun, which to most people, is not very appealing. I am very thankful for him, and all that he has done for me. He gave me the confidence I needed to compete in swimsuit. I feel it was that confidence that helped me to achieve the title of Massachusetts Teen USA 2002 over 91 contestants!!! I did not hesitate a moment to fly down and see him all the way from Boston, MA!!! He is worth it! Thank you Mike! You ROCK!

Amanda Birdsell
Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 2002

My session with Mike changed my life! He was so incredibly encouraging and uplifting and I felt so comfortable with him. I flew in from Boston for a four hour session and already I've see dramatic results! Mike has so many pictures on his wall of Pageant winner - and I can personally see why all the serious pageant contestants go to him to win! His program is successful and he's just terrific to work with. Working with Mike and his program has turned the swimsuit portion of the competition from apprehension to total confidence. Thanks a bunch Mike! You're really the best!

Kathy Rooney
Mrs. Massachusetts 2002 Contestant

Hey Mr. Mike! First off, let me say how wonderful you are and how excited I am to follow your program for me!You are quite an inspiration and you truly did allow me to see the "light at the end of the tunnel". I have a new found excitement about working out.

Addie Hampton
America's Jr. National Teenager 2002

Where do I begin? I came to Mike 5 months after having my second child and 5 months before my first Mrs. pageant. I was excited, but didn't have high hopes for the changes that would occur with my body. Well, Mike worked his miracles! Being a stay at home mom with a 5 month old and 2 year old, I was concerned about having enough time to actually do the necessary exercises. Mike took care of that! He developed a plan that enabled me to do all of my workouts from home in a time frame that worked with my daily schedule. Anyone would be hard pressed to find a trainer that provides the personalized service that Mike gives each of his clients. His outgoing personality, positive attitude and never-ending support have made him my #1 trainer and also my friend."

Kelley Morrison
Mrs. North Carolina 2002

"My training session with Mike covered the A-Z's of swimsuit competition and helped me to see how easy it is to look great. It is amazing how the smallest things make the biggest difference.
The program was tailored to suit my individual needs while achieving maximum results. At first I was skeptical about traveling all the way to North Carolina From New York, but is was definitely worth it,
and now I can't wait to go back!!"

Alanna Thompson
Ms. American United States 2000

As a certified coach, I have been helping young women with pageant
preparation for a number of years now. I had been stumped when asked where to go for help with the fitness portion of competitions. Being located in Ct., the choices had been limited to local gyms, which are great places, but do not have the knowledge that was needed to get the sleek 'pageant look' that the girls I work with wanted! I had researched numerous names that were given to me to find someone with the expertise and attention to detail that I myself would want for my own daughters and in the process, found Mike. We e-mailed back and forth quite a bit before one of my clients traveled down to him. I was very concerned about the distance and whether or not my client would find it 'worthwhile'. Mike more than lived up to our expectations! This girl couldn't say enough about everything he showed her, not only in what exercises to do, but how to wear her swimsuit to showcase her to the max, and techniques that would really enhance her fitness score just by standing a certain way! I have since had other clients travel the distance to Mike and each one has felt that meeting him in person has been the best incentive to keep working towards their goal! He keeps in touch with every girl he works with, to inspire them as well as answer any questions they might have. I recently had the opportunity to meet Mike in person and was very impressed with his wonderful, helpful, down to earth attitude and caring towards the young women that he trains. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is competing in any competition with a fitness/swimsuit portion no matter what part of the country they are from....he is worth the trip!

Elizabeth McGlynn
Preston, Connecticut

" I drove from Massachusetts down to North Carolina just to meet with Mike. I heard so many good words about him, that I had to try for myself. Let me tell you, that all of the good words cannot describe my experience training with Mike!! Not only does he help you to become physically fit, but he also boosts your ego up to the extreme!
Every young lady should have the experience to have such a
wonderful trainer as Mike."

Carolyn Zak
Miss Massachusetts Senior National Teen-Ager 2000

"Mike Mauney has changed my lifestyle completely for the better! Flying into see him was the one of the best decisions I have ever made for my pageant career and my life as a whole. He developed a plan for me that has helped me to be the healthy woman that I so desperately wanted to be. I feel the simple trip to North Carolina has made an impact on my life for years to come. He not only develops a great training program, but also a great friendship."

Amy Kathleen Fistle
Miss Michigan United States Teen 2001

I have had the personal pleasure of working with Mike Mauney and seeing the difference he can make. He spends quality time and truly wants you to be the very best you can be. I recommend Mike to all my contestants in the Mrs. West Virginia & Mrs. Kentucky International Pageants. Mrs. West Virginia 2000, Robin Brandon was fortunate to work with Mike prior to nationals and the results were phenomenal, Top 15 at nationals! If you want to be and look your best you need to work with Mike!

Debbie Walters
Mrs. West Virginia USA 1991
Executive Director
Mrs. West Virginia & Mrs. Kentucky International Pageants

Mike Mauney is an exemplary trainer who incorporates great techniques with love and compassion. He gave me faith in myself, and the ability to go out on stage and show depth and presence to the judges and the audience. Mike extends his self to you in so many ways that will leave you feeling like you can do anything! I flew from Racine, Wisconsin to be trained by Mike and he was more than worth the time and effort. I can’t thank Mike Mauney enough; I not only gained a great body but a great friend as well.

La Toya Laymon
Miss Black America 2000-2001

"Believing that swimsuit was my weakest area, I decided to get professional help. Mike was the answer to my problem. He gave me such undivided attention that I actually enjoyed working out! Mike made traveling from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to North Carolina well worth the trip. I definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their body in a healthy way."

Robyn Davis
Vanceleave, Mississippi

Coming from San Francisco to Charlotte to train with Mike I wasn't sure what to expect. I had heard he was a great trainer from many people but it wasn't until I got here that I realized how knowledgeable he is at what he does. Many people thought I was crazy to travel across the country to train but once I arrived I knew I was anything but crazy. If anything it was one of the best decisions I've made.
Thanks to Mike I know I'll be a healthier person and for that,
I'd cross the ocean if I had to!

Nency Escamilla
Ms. San Francisco 1999

"I am thankful for the opportunity to come to North Carolina to work with Mike. Traveling from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Charlotte, N.C. was definitely worth it! He taught me great technique on the areas of my body needing improvement and also complimented me on the parts he liked. I walked out of his gym feeling like a whole new person. I had a great time! I will now be walking down the runways looking great on the outside and also feeling great about myself on the inside. Thanks for everything Mike"

Shelby Elstner
Kenosha, Wisconsin

"I would recommend any contestant that is serious about winning a title to go to Mike, he is wonderful! He really cares about the contestants and follows up afterwards to make sure everything is going the way he instructed them. I always advise my queens, If you want to do your best at nationals you must go to Mike, he produces the winners!"

Mary Richardson
Mrs. Virginia USA 1992
Director of the Mrs. Virginia International Pageant
National Director of Mrs. International

"I have never met anyone like Mike Mauney. He gives you so much confidence and makes you believe in yourself. In just a matter of weeks, he prepared me for state competition and he is one of the reasons that I am who I am now, Miss North Carolina Teen USA. His exercise and technique is outstanding, the best in the world! He gives each client 100% of his time and attention. That's why you gotta' love 'em!"

Stephanie Holt
Miss North Carolina USA 1999

"Mike, thanks for the most effective workouts ever! Not only did you help me find my muscles, but also you showed me a new way of life. I could not have gotten where I am today without your help!!! You are truly talented and your knowledge about the human body makes a huge difference in the results of your workouts!!!"

Sonja Glenn
Miss South Carolina USA 1998

"Mikes combination of overwhelming support and a tough fitness regimen not only helped me improve my body; it enabled me to win the Speedo Swimsuit Competition at the 1999 USA Pageant. Thank you Mike!"

Lauren Poppell
Miss South Carolina USA 1999

"Training with Mike Mauney has given me the motivation I need to stay fit and to develop a better diet. With every visit he encourages me to work to my full potential and to be the best competitor I can be. Because of Mike, my self-esteem, optimism, and overall physical appearance has improved 100%! Thankes Mike for your encouragement as I prepare for Miss Teen USA."

Hannah Grooms
Miss South Carolina Teen USA 1999

"Mike Mauney has not only been an encouraging trainer, but a mentor and a friend as well. My body never looked as awesome and I have never felt as incredible as when I was preparing, with him, for the 1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant. He not only taught me ways to improve my present appearence, but also emphasized ways to maintain all of our hard work. Now two years later, I still look and feel like the winner Mike helped me to become. Thanks Mike!!!"

Caroline Brigman
Miss South Carolina Teen USA 1997

Mike Mauney was my savior! During my first two weeks working with him my body changed miraculously. It seemed like he changed it over night. He was very dedicated to helping me and made me feel that he really cared.

Crystal McLaurin-Coney
Miss North Carolina 1997
Professional Model

Mike, thank you for making me look and feel my best for Miss USA! Your technique is so unique and effective, and you genuinely care about your clients. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and will encourage anyone and everyone to train with you. You are, without a doubt, the best in the business, and I will be back soon! Thanks again for the training, the friendship, and the inspirations!

Joy Hall
Miss North Carolina 1999

"Body Design By Mike" has given me the extra advice I needed to give my workouts perfection! I have included Mike's techniques with my own favorite's to form a great routine. I have been working out since I was ten years old (I am now forty-one) and was unaware of several things I was doing wrong. With the help of Mike, I am now feeling even more fit and happier than ever! Thanks again Mike.

Kathy P. Brinkman
Mrs. Virginia International 1999

Mike Mauney - Professional, concerned, and devoted to helping you build the best body possible. He takes his time to explain your routines and listens to how it works for your. His methods are designed to firm, not "bulk"! It's wonderful to have someone that understands women's fitness as well as Mike. Many thanks,

Lynn Rutland-Addy
Mrs. South Carolina International 1999
2nd Runner-Up, Mrs. U.S. International

I have known Mike Mauney since 1992 and he has prepared me for state and national competitions. Mike recognizes that every contestant has a different body type and he teaches you to showcase your personal strengths. His support and positive attitude has always made me feel like a winner!

Cinamon Hinshaw Loyd
Mrs. North Carolina America 1999 - 2000

Because of Mike and his exercise techniques, I went to the Miss USA 1998 pageant looking and feeling my very best. He got me in shape physically as well as mentally. Mikes techniques can be done at the gym, in the home, or even in your hotel room when you travel. Mike is not only a wonderful fitness trainer, but a great role model as well. Thanks Mike for everything.

Vera Morris
Miss North Carolina USA 1998

As a professional swimwear and fitness model I have worked out with "in house gym trainers" for several years with minimal results. After one month with Mike Mauney of "Body Design By Mike" my body was transformed from flab to fabulous! His lessons are not just a short-term investment, they have taught me a lifetime of healthy living. A trainer like Mike is hard to find, not only is he a man of integrity, but also completely devoted to getting you in your best shape ever!

Lisa Casey
Professional Swimwear/Fitness Model